Hey there! My name is Kevin. Welcome to my blog!IMG_1913

I am a second-year grad student in musicology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. My research interests are currently up in the air (i.e. they’re all over the place!) but at the moment, I am broadly interested in public musicology, the history of concert programming, film music, American musical theater, as well as some other topics. (These will certainly develop and solidify in the future, so stay tuned…) In addition to my own coursework, I enjoy working as a Teaching Assistant for the undergraduate music appreciation class at UCSB. Outside of school, I am a horn player, blogger, avid listener of music, and movie buff.

bachflip is my little corner of the Internet to share my love for music history and classical music (although other genres might sneak in from time to time). Through short essays, listening recommendations, and other miscellany, I hope to foster an informative, accessible, and lighthearted take on classical music. (By the way, can you tell that I like composer puns? Really, I could make you a Liszt… *Cue laughter. Or groans.*)

I will try to post every so often (grad school life will probably get in the way at times though!) but if you like what you read, take a moment to click the “Follow” button and share my blog with others on social media.

Thanks for visiting and happy listening!

Soli Deo Gloria